Felix Prado

Research interest

Faithful replication of the complete genome is essential for preventing any loss of genetic information. However, this is not an easy task; in fact, the genetic instability that accompanies tumor progression during early stages is associated with replicative stress. Using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as living model, and a wide repertoire of techniques in genetic, biochemistry, genomic, and molecular and cellular biology, we are focused on two different aspects associated with replication dynamics that have a direct impact on genome integrity and cell cycle progression: chromatin assembly and tolerance to replicative DNA damage. Our main goal is to get a deeper insight into their mechanistic and regulation, as well as in the consequences of their misregulation for cell fitness.


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Active Grants

  • 2016-2018. Dinámica de la cromatina asociada a la replicación y estabilidad genómica. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad BFU2015-63688-P. Investigador responsable: Félix Prado

  • 2016-2017. Dinámica y estabilidad Cromosómica. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad BFU2015-69142-REDT (Redes de Excelencia). Investigador responsable: Félix Prado

  • 2014-2016. Efecto de la reducción de los niveles de histonas en la estabilidad genética, el envejecimiento celular y la entrada en senescencia. Junta de Andalucia “Proyectos de Excelencia” P12-CTS-2270. Investigador responsable: Félix Prado

Group members

Group leader:
  • Felix Prado Velasco
Staff Scientist:
  • Dr. Macarena Morillo Huesca
  • Douglas Maya Miles
PhD students:
  • Marta Barrientos Moreno
  • María Isabel Cano Linares
  • Aurora Yáñez Vilches
  • Elena Gomez Marin
Master students:
  • Luz Maria Lopez Ruiz