Cell fitness relies on a strict control of the structure, dynamics and stability of chromosomes during the cell cycle. Accordingly, situations that impair chromosome biology are associated with cancer and many diseases, and it is therefore indispensable to get a deeper insight into these mechanisms to develop new therapies. In addition, understanding DNA-related processes has proved to be instrumental for scientific and technological advances. The aim of this network (CHROMOdyst) – formed by a number of young groups with a strong expertise in different aspects of chromosome dynamics and stability – is to facilitate the transfer and sharing of knowledge, technology and human resources. The thematic unit of CHROMOdyst is structured on the base of three nodes that cover the processes of DNA replication, chromosome segregation, and DNA repair and chromosome rearrangements, and a network of common topics that include chromatin structure and topology, chromosome compaction, post-translational modifications and meiosis. CHROMOdyst will promote meetings, short stays, on-line sharing of information and ideas, and new proposal for international calls. These actions will help to consolidate results from previous collaborations, establish new synergisms, and potentiate multidisciplinary approaches. In this way, the network will increase the potential and competitiveness of these groups to confront the challenges Spanish research has in the international ambit, and will provide a platform to contribute to the advance of knowledge.