Manuel Mendoza

Cytokinesis and Chromosome Segregation Group

Research interest

My laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanism of the Aurora-B-dependent NoCut checkpoint, which inhibits cytokinesis in response to errors in chromosome segregation to prevent DNA damage. The precise nature of chromosome segregation defects that activate NoCut, and the molecular mechanism leading to inhibition of cytokinesis, remain unknown. We aim to elucidate how specific types of chromatin bridges activate the checkpoint in yeast and human cells. In addition, we are investigating how NoCut effectors contribute to regulate abscission timing in response to chromatin bridges. Our results will establish the molecular mechanisms by which NoCut prevents genome instability, a condition associated with pathologies such as cancer.


  • Amaral, A., Vendrell, A., Funaya, C., Idrissi, F., Maier, M., Kumar, A., Neurohr, G., Colomina, N., Torres-Rosell, J., Geli. M.I. and Mendoza, M. (2016). The Aurora B dependent NoCut checkpoint prevents damage of anaphase bridges after DNA replication stress. Nat Cell Biol, 18, 516-526.

  • Titos, I., Ivanova, T. and Mendoza, M. Chromosome length and perinuclear attachment constrain resolution of DNA intertwines (2014). J Cell Biol 206, 719–733.

  • Neurohr, G., Naegeli, A., Titos, I., Theler, D., Greber, B., Díez, J., Gabaldón, T., Mendoza, M. and Barral, Y.# (2011). A Midzone-Based Ruler Adjusts Chromosome Compaction to Anaphase Spindle Length. Science 332, 465-468

  • Mendoza, M., Norden, C., Durrer, K., Rauter, H., Uhlmann, F., and Barral, Y. (2009). A mechanism for chromosome segregation sensing by the NoCut checkpoint. Nat Cell Biol 11, 477-483

  • Norden, C., Mendoza, M.*, Dobbelaere, J., Kotwaliwale, C.V., Biggins, S., and Barral, Y. (2006). The NoCut pathway links completion of cytokinesis to spindle midzone function to prevent chromosome breakage. Cell 125, 85-98.

Active Grants

  • Characterization of chromatin bridge sensing mechanisms during anaphase

  • Mechanism of abscission inhibition by the NoCut checkpoint

Group members

Group Leader
  • Manuel Mendoza
Post-doctoral fellows
  • Tsvetomira Ivanova
  • Arun Kumar
  • Nicola Brownlow
PhD students
  • Michael Maier
  • Andrea Battola
  • Trinidad Sanmartin