Miguel González Blanco

Research interest

Every time cells divide, the preservation, duplication and transmission of their genetic information must be accurately accomplished. In our lab, we study how cells coordinate the repair of DNA damage with major molecular events like DNA replication and chromosome segregation. With a particular focus on homologous recombination, we currently employ a multi-pronged approach that includes biochemistry, yeast genetics and cell biology to focus on the following questions: i) how the biochemical properties of Holliday junction resolvases can bias repair outcome (crossovers vs non-crossovers); ii) how post-translational modifications regulate the biological functions of DNA repair enzymes and iii) how the misregulation of DNA repair activities may interfere with other cellular processes.


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Active Grants

  • Biochemical analysis of the processing of DNA replication and recombination intermediates. PI: Miguel González Blanco. BFU2016-78121-P. Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigación, Científica y Técnica de Excelencia, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. 30/12/2016-29/12/2019. Budget: 181.500 €.

  • Consolidación e estruturación - 2016 GPC GI-2119, Mecanismos Moleculares de Enfermidade (MeMoEn). Coordinator: Juan Bautista Zalvide Torrente (Total PIs: 6). Proxectos Plan Galego IDT, Xunta de Galicia (ED431B 2016/016). 01/01/2017-30/11/2018. Budget: 70.000 €.

  • Consolidación e estruturación - modalidade D 2016. PI: Miguel González Blanco. Proxectos Plan Galego IDT, Xunta de Galicia (ED431F 2016/019). 01/01/2016-30/11/2019. Budget: 90.000 €.

  • “Ramón y Cajal” start-up funding. PI: Miguel González Blanco. RYC-2012-10835. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. 01/09/2014-31/08/2019. Budget: 40.000 €.

Group members

  • Francisco Javier Aguado Domínguez (PhD student)
  • Raquel Carreira Rodríguez (MSc student)
  • Miguel González Blanco (PI)
  • Diana Guallar Artal (Postdoctoral researcher)
  • Tomás Lama Díaz (MSc student)
  • Vanesa Hurtado Nieves (PhD student)
  • Paula Sánchez Mandayo (Undergraduate student)