Travis Stracker

DNA replication and Genome Integrity maintenance

Research interest

My laboratory examines molecular mechanisms that promote genome stability and their role in hereditary disease pathology and cancer predisposition. We also investigate potential targets that may augment current chemotherapeutic approaches. Our current efforts focus on the Tousled like kinases 1 and 2 that regulate the histone chaperone ASF1, and potentially other yet unidentified substrates. We have found that these kinases play important roles in genome maintenance and we are taking genome wide sequencing and proteomics approaches to understand their function.


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Active Grants

  • BFU2015-68354

Group members

Group leader:
  • Travis Stracker
  • Philip Knobel
  • Isabel Garcia-Cao
  • Ilaria Dutto
  • Berta Terre
PhD students:
  • Sandra Segura-Bayona
  • Marina Villamor
  • Joana Silva
  • Lluis Palenzuela